General Questions

Where can I see works by Hilma af Klint? 
Although the Foundation does not conduct its own museum activities it has an active lending programme. The Foundation’s collaboration with Moderna Museet in Stockholm ensures that works by Hilma af Klint are always displayed in the museum’s collection. Ongoing and upcoming exhibitions can be found under the heading “Exhibitions”’. 
Does the Foundation sell posters and products?
The Foundation does not sell any products. Instead, we collaborate with museum stores in connection with exhibitions on Hilma af Klint.
Where can I read more about Hilma af Klint?
A selection of texts on Hilma af Klint can be found under the heading “Books”.


I am writing a school assignment/bachelor’s or master’s thesis. Can the Foundation answer any questions/provide information?
The Hilma af Klint Foundation receives a large number of inquiries on Hilma af Klint and her art and unfortunately we are unable to assist in research, except at doctoral level. Please see our website for Hilma af Klint’s biography under the heading “About”. For texts on Hilma af Klint and her art, please go to “Books”.
Can I use images of Hilma af Klint’s work in my book, article, thesis?
Please see  “Image Rights”.
Where can I order high resolution images?
Please see “Image Rights”.



I am planning an exhibition and would like to include works by Hilma af Klint. How should I proceed?

For loan inquiries, please contact the Foundation via letter or email. All loan inquiries are processed on an ongoing basis. Due to the extensive international interest in exhibiting the work of Hilma af Klint, we receive many loan requests.

In accordance with the Foundation’s policy, works are only loaned to institutions that adhere to international museum standards regarding security, temperature and humidity conditions. Priority is given to:

  • Significant monographic exhibitions at well-established institutions.
  • Themed exhibitions that provide new perspectives on Hilma af Klint’s art practice and further art historical knowledge

On The Foundation

Can I apply for an internship or a grant?
The Foundation does not have an intern programme and does not award grants. 
I own an artwork and I do not know if it is by Hilma af Klint. Can the Foundation authenticate the work?
The Hilma af Klint Foundation does not authenticate or value works. We recommend that you contact an established auction house.
I have created a work of art/written a book inspired by Hilma af Klint, can the Foundation provide feedback?
We are happy that Hilma af Klint inspires people to be creative, but unfortunately the Foundation is unable to provide artistic assessments of works created by private individuals.
I have attempted to contact the Foundation but have not yet received a reply?
The Foundation receives a large number of inquiries daily on Hilma af Klint and her art. While we do our best to respond to all inquiries, there is a waiting period of approximately two weeks. Please see our Q&A for answers to the most common questions.