The Board

The Board, according to the foundation’s statutes, is tasked with safeguarding and managing the legacy of Hilma af Klint’s work. The Foundation also promotes academic research on Hilma af Klint and her contributions. The Foundation’s operations are funded by its own revenue and through donations.

As per the statutes, the Board shall consist of three to five members. The majority of the Board should be members of the Anthroposophical Society. The head of the af Klint family is the ex officio chairman, but he may appoint another family member in his stead.

The Board of The Hilma af Klint Foundation endeavors to ensure her legacy continues to inspire and touch people around the world. In managing the foundation, the Board is obliged to act in accordance with the Foundation Act and the foundation’s statutes.

The current composition of the Board has been determined by the Administrative Court in Stockholm. The matter was appealed to the Administrative Court of Appeal in Stockholm and the Supreme Administrative Court, which did not grant leave to appeal.

More information about the Foundation’s purpose and activities can be found in the statutes and the will, which are published on this website.

2023-06-07: Administrative Court judgment rejecting the appeal on foundation registration.

2023-06-19: The prosecutor’s decision to close the preliminary investigation into gross breach of trust

2023-06-21: County Administrative Board notice on foundation registration.

2023-08-31: The Court of Appeal’s decision not to grant leave to appeal.

2024-01-15: Decision of the Supreme Administrative Court not to grant leave to appeal.


Erik af Klint, Chairman
Anders Kumlander
Juhani Selvani
Katarina Kaila de Voto
Ulf Wagner

Adjunct members of the Board
Louise Belfrage
Daniel Birnbaum
Karin Herméren
Julia Voss
Gitte Ørskou

Jessica Höglund